Music for the Skateboard

It's uncharacteristically warm in Michigan, which means that I'm skateboarding! Here are a few fine minutes of music which soundtracked 2018's first lap around greater Burns Park.

                                                  Tempelhof push

                                                  Tempelhof push

1.) An excellent moment of French House comes from the 19 year old producer Lewis Ofman in 'Plein de Bisous' at 2:20. He makes some very fun electronic pop tracks that, more often than not, go right where I want them to.  His stuff is on the lighter side of what one finds from Parisian label Ed Banger. From Ofman I'd also recommend 'Flash'

2.) Nicolas Jaar released a surprise album last week (!) under the name 'Against All Logic'.  Among its highlights are a track called 'Now U Got Me Hooked', which I was excited to have recognized from his outstanding 2013 Boiler Room set. Here's a taste (1:54) of the new record.

3.) Moment of zen. Manuel Göttsching, the man behind E2-E4, brings us some addictive ambient offerings in addition to his more experimental, minimal work. The quintessential Berliner has a prolific catalog, but I think 'Oasis', released under the project Ashra, is a good place to start. This track is also my favorite way to finish off a morning cruise (wenn die Sonne scheint).