When Keeping It Real Goes Right

My brother will disown me if he sees this.  But there is a track by Aussie DJ and Producer Mall Grab that reworks Cheryl Lynn's 1978 disco hit 'Got To Be Real' into a modern dance floor, uh, banger.  And you know what? It's quite good.  Sure, this one's not too much of a stretch, nor is it so inventive. But simplicity, in this case, makes for a supremely good time.

This is fraught territory after Norwegian tropical house phenom Kygo's abomination of a remix of 'Sexual Healing', I realize*.  Since then, I've been wary of any and all subsequent interpretations of classic dance numbers.  But, after getting into some pretty good reworks from Late Nite Tuff Guy, I'm willing to give them another go.  

I came across Mall Grab after hearing Yaeji's fantastic cover of his track 'Guap', which features perhaps the best reverb'd out snare in fiscal year 17.  Here you go:

*editor's note: fraught territory does not include rekutts by Todd Terje, who can do no wrong.